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Make an informed decision by using Essendon Finance.

Get professional advice

Essendon Finance's team of property professionals are eager to share their knowledge and practical advice, ensuring a successful investment.

Different investment loans

Sourcing loans from over 25 lenders, we find a competitive loan that suits your unique situation. Choose from fixed or variable rates, interest-only loans or unlock your current property’s equity.

Informed decision

Loan-to-value ratio? Lenders Mortgage Insurance? Our property professionals decode the often confusing jargon of property investment, so you’re always making an informed decision.

Competitive investment loans

Investing in property is a popular and stable way to create wealth. There are over 1.7 million Australians own at least one investment property. Property is not only a source of income generated by rents, but an asset that appreciates. At Essendon Finance, we help people from all walks of life to find investment properties and competitive financing to get things started. One of our property professionals can help you to find the right home loan ensuring that your investment is profitable and works for you. We offer a range of loans including fixed or variable rate loans, interest only loans, and equity loans.

Freedom of choice

We assist you with all the ins and outs of property investment, including advice on cash flow, tax obligations and negative gearing. We will provide all our services free of charge and you are under no obligation to apply. Our client reviews demonstrate our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients. There are many finance options available depending on your individual investment situation. We will explain market and property reports with you so that you can properly make an informed decision. 

We offer expert, professional and practical advice with choices of:

  • Fixed rate
  • Standard variable rate
  • Interest only loan
  • Equity loan