Roadside Assist

24/7 Roadside assist Australia-wide

Australia-wide service – 24 hours a day / 7 days a week we’ll be ready to take your call and help with Towing, Fuel, Flat Battery, Flat Tyre and even if you lock your keys in the car!

  • 24 hours / 7 days
  • Towing
  • Fuel
  • Flat battery
  • Flat tyre
  • Locksmith

How does roadside assist with Essendon Finance helps you?

Flat battery/jumpstarts

Won’t start? No problem, we’ll come out and check the battery, electrical system and give it a jumpstart if needed and get you on your way

Battery Replacement Service

Dead battery? We’ll deliver a replacement with the cost payable by you at the time of service


Need a tow? Our tow truck service will transport your vehicle to the nearest repairer or destination – alternate routes available at extra charge upon request


Got a flat? We’ll come out and fit your spare wheel as long as it’s roadworthy, easily accessible and ready to go!


– Benefit Limit $300

Had a bingle? Rest assured knowing that we’ll help out with the accommodation cost’s (up to $100 “room only rate” per night for up to 3 nights) if your vehicle has had the incident and the repairs being carried out are more than 100 kilometers from your registered residence. Excludes pre-booked accommodation.

All we need is copies of the accident report, vehicle repair and the hotel/motel invoices and we’ll reimburse you the
costs as listed


Stranded far from home? Feel assured we’re here to help with the reimbursement of the cost of a hire car for up to 5 days (@ $140 per day) if your vehicle has had a mechanical breakdown situated over 100 kilometers from home and it is deemed to be unroadworthy for more than 48 hours (excluding public holidays, weekends, supplier/workshop delays)

All we need is a copy of the car hire and vehicle repairers invoice and we’ll reimburse the costs (excluding fuel and insurance)


Locked out? We’re experts at getting back in BUT if we can’t, we’ll call out a locksmith and cover up to $70 (including GST) of the cost – anything over is payable by you at the time of service


Out of fuel? We can supply up to 10litres (or approximately 50km worth) of fuel (unleaded petrol or diesel) charged to you at the time of service, to get you back on the road!


Major breakdown? If your vehicle has had a major mechanical breakdown and needs to be repaired more than 100 kilometers from your registered residence; we’ll help you out to stay at emergency accommodation for up to 5 nights @ $140 “room rate only” per night. Just send us the receipts and we’ll reimburse you the costs as listed. (Benefit limit $700)